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    Cultural Opportunities

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    Learn in our outdoor classroom at Ngamuwahine

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Welcome to Tauranga Intermediate School

Important Dates & Notices

Welcome students and families to Tauranga Intermediate School. We are a large intermediate school which prides itself on the quality educational opportunities that we provide for our students.

Please come and visit our school as we would love to share with you the outstanding teachers, exciting opportunities and our many achievements that make us a great school.

Information Evening - Wednesday 20 August 

Come along to our General Information Evening. From 6.30pm you will be able to take a tour of the school. Then at 7.30pm there will be an information session in the Ivan Aitken Sports and Cultural Centre. 

2015 Enrolment Timeline

Enrolments for 2015 are now open. If you have any enquires regarding your child, please contact Sabrina Jackson in the School Office, 578 4401 or sabrinaj@tauranga-int.school.nz Please view our 2015 enrolment timeline here

CWSA for 2015? 

If you are interested in enrolling for the CWSA please find all the information attached here. Should you have any further queries please contact Jenny Clark jennyc@tauranga-int.school.nz

CWSA Information Brochure

Information letter for students to take home

Multimedia for 2015? 

If you are interested in enrolling for the ballot for Multimedia please find the infomation and the application form here. Should you have any further queries please contact Blake Carlin blakec@tauranga-int.school.nz

Application form for the ballot

Mulitmedia Information Sheet

Learn Mandarin at Tauranga Intermediate School

In 2014 and 2015 you will have the opportunity to learn Mandarin at Tauranga Intermediate School. Check out how you can get involved and the exciting challenges you will face. Learn Mandarin at TIS.


Winter PTA Meetings

Winter PTA Meetings will be at 7.00pm in the Staffroom. There will be one exception to this on Tuesday 17 June where we have a Posititve Puberty Presentation that will start at 6.30pm. 


Tauranga Intermedia School