As a student at Tauranga Intermediate School, your learning centres around our TIS Curriculum. We have a well developed localised curriculum that promotes collaboration, inquiry thinking skills, key competencies, social action and strong links to the local community.



Central to the image is a waka hourua (double hulled waka).  This symbolises the waka of our region, Tākitimu and Mataatua and their Rangatira. The double hull of the waka reflects the dual curriculums (NZC and Te Marautanga) with which education at TIS is based.


The waka hourua sits balanced and stable on Tauranga Moana reflecting a sense of belonging that is nurtured through a focus on Toka Tū Moana. Ten Houses are represented by the ten hoe (paddle) that work together to take us on our learning journey.

The Learning Model displays the language of our inquiry model, reflecting the ongoing, iterative nature of inquiry. Ākonga can articulate their learning, including next steps, at each stage of the learning model. 


The tikanga of Individuals, whānau, class, house, school and the wider community generate the wind to sail our waka hourua.  This allows our ākonga to explore and achieve, therefore reaching the STARS.


To reach the stars, ākonga must have their kete of key competencies, continually developing these in a range of situations.



This inquiry model is built to contain the core elements of learning. It provides a pathway to enable students to look at an issue or task and then work their way through to understanding and resolution. This model can be used with varying levels of student ownership from teacher directed through to student-led inquiries.



Students explore our TIS Inquiry Cycle through our TIS Inquiry Roadmaps. These roadmaps are our localised curriculum and are conceptual, theme based learning roadmaps developed by our teachers that are engaging for students and explore our community, Aotearoa and the world beyond. 

Key goals include:  

    • Science / Social Studies curriculum integration

    • development of the key competencies 

    • engage with our local resources and community 

    • maximise meaningful links between learning areas such as Maths, Literacy and the Arts.

    • explore future focussed issues

    • develop student thinking skills

We have 6 different TIS Inquiry Roadmaps to explore over the two years while at TIS.

They are:

1. Turangawaewae.                           

A place to stand

2. Te Taiao

The natural environment

3. Panoni


4. Whakawhanaungatanga


5. Kimihia Kia Taea

Explore and Achieve

6. Kohinga Putea

Financial literacy and entrepreneurship


Te Taiao - The Natural Environment


The world is not a bowl of fruit from which we can just take what we wish. We are part of it, and if we destroy it, we destroy ourselves. (Sir David Attenborough).  The natural world is precious and our time is precious. How will you be able to educate others to ensure New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna are protected for future generations?

Enduring Understandings: 


Everything is connected.

  • the planet is made up of a number of interconnected systems

  • living organisms can contribute to the health of the environment

  • changes in environment can affect the survival of individuals and species


Aotearoa/New Zealand is a special place because of its many unique species and ecosystems

  • Many of the species and ecosystems unique to New Zealand are threatened. 

  • If New Zealand’s unique species die out, they disappear from the planet.

  • Because of New Zealand’s long isolation from other land masses, many native species are vulnerable to the activities of people and introduced mammals. 


People are part of the natural world.

  • We live as one with our natural world

  • People’s actions can impact both negatively and positively on the environment.

  • Individuals, especially young people, can make a positive difference to ecosystems.


  • Individually and collectively respond to an environmental challenge at a local or global level

  • Science Fair Investigation

Students will explore these enduring understandings within Te Taiao Roadmap through our TIS Inquiry Model. They will learn about ecosystems, native species and animals facing extinction or endangered such as the Kakapo, Hector's Dolphin, and Wolves of Yellowstone National Park, and learn about the impacts of changes to our environment through Young Ocean Explorers. Term Two is also Science Fair at TIS and students can choose to compete in our School Science Fair. This year’s event is to be completed online and Mr Marsh, Head of Science will again oversee the competition. 

Can you help? 

Our community has a wealth of skills and knowledge across a wide range of industries. If you have skills or experiences related to our Roadmap above, that could add value to our students learning experience, we would love to hear from you at the following email: info@tauranga-int.school.nz    



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