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Daily Notices

Check out what is going on at TIS, the notices, events and meetings. Daily Notices.

NB: only users at Tauranga Intermediate have access to the this document. Parents, if you want to see this document, ask your child.  


Class Blogs

Class Blogs are an excellent way to communicate the learning that his happening in the classrooms at Tauranga Intermediate School. Please drop in, view the learning, leave a comment and discuss the learning with your child.

Room One

Room Two

Room Three

Room Four

Room Five

Room Six

Room Seven

Room Eight

Room Nine

Room Ten

Room Eleven

Room Twelve

Room Thirteen

Room Fourteen

Room Fifteen

Room Sixteen

Room Seventeen

Room Eighteen

Room Nineteen

Room Twenty

Room Twenty One

Room Twenty Two

Room Twenty Three

Room Twenty Four

Room Twenty Five

Room Twenty Six

Room Twenty Seven

Room Twenty Eight

Room Twenty Nine

Room Thirty

Room Forty One

Room Forty Two

Room Thirty One

Room Thirty Two

Room Thirty Nine

Room Forty

Room Thirty Four

Room Thirty Five

Room Thirty Six

Room Thirty Seven



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