We have completed our lockdown practise and all students, staff and persons on-site are safely accounted for. Everyone did extremely well and responded to instructions.
I would like to personally thank you for your support while we conduct these practices. Kind regards – SLT


Naumai haere mai ki Te Kura Takawaenga o Tauranga, Tauranga Intermediate School.

Welcome, students and whānau, to Tauranga Intermediate School. We are a large intermediate school which prides itself on the wide range of quality educational opportunities that we provide for our students.

Intermediate schools are special places which celebrate the uniqueness of emerging adolescents. Tauranga Intermediate is a vibrant school catering specifically for 11-13 year olds. We model and nurture critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking.

We prioritise positive relationships to create a supportive, challenging and fun environment. This ensures the students feel secure and empowered as we work together on their physical, academic and social development.

Please come and visit our school. We would love to share our outstanding teachers, exciting learning experiences and many achievements that make us a great school.


Mr Cameron Mitchell