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Tauranga Intermediate School has a rich and varied sporting tradition, which is an important part of the culture of our school. 

Sport takes place weekly in class and house programmes. They can also compete in a fierce inter-house sporting competition and participate in our swimming, cross country and athletics championships.

Each term there is a large number of sports offered to our students both at school and through outside providers. Students can try out new sports, join teams, participate for fun or in a more competitive environment.

Annually, in Term Three, the Anchor AIMS Games is hosted in Tauranga. Over 11,000 students from across New Zealand compete in 21 sports.

Students can also host students during our various sports exchanges, offering them an opportunity to connect with like minded peers from our wider New Zealand community.



We provide a multitude of opportunities to compete and participate in sport at national, regional and local level. These many opportunities allow students to compete against the elite in their chosen sport or to just become involved and keep active.




Throughout the year there are many elite sporting events and competitions for our sports people who are looking for this competitive environment and to build on identified strengths and talents.

Examples include: Super 11 Bay of Plenty and Poverty Bay - an inter-intemediate competition, AIMS Games and North Island Cricket Champs.

Tauranga Intermediate School competes regularly in numerous Bay of Plenty and Poverty Bay Championships invovling other competitive athletes. AIMS games is the pinnacle of the competitive sporting year. Our students strive to compete against other schools on a national level.





Sports Academy

Each year students are selected for our TIS Sports Academy. This is for students who show promise in their chosen sport and are committed to achieving highly. The Sports Academy programme includes nutrition, goal setting, mindset development and strength and conditioning. Students work on leadership, skills and dispositions to help them succeed in their chosen sport. Learning experiences are set through various activities both on and off site.




There are also opportunities every term for students who are looking to try new things, build new skills or enjoy the social side of sport. These include; Indoor Bowls, Netball, Football, Hockey, Class Sport / PE, Hip Hop, Waterpolo, Volleyball, Ripper Rugby, House Sport Competitions and many more.




Performing and Visual Arts are an important part of our culture and diversity at Tauranga Intermediate School.

We are proud of the network of people and opportunities our students can access to explore their creative and artistic talents and ensure their cultural aspirations are met.

Music Programme
Out of Hours

Music teachers, who specialise in a variety of instruments come to Tauranga Intermediate for those students who are interested in and sign up for learning an instrument.

Notification and co-ordination of these lessons is by our specialist music teacher.

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School Production

The school production provides a supportive platform for rising young actors and singers musicians to step out and showcase their talents in a professional setting at Baycourt Theatre. Students can also be involved in script writing, song composition, costuming, set design and other behind the scenes roles.

Performing Arts

Students have the opportunity to explore their creative and artistic talents by being involved in the school production and Arts Week which are alternate years.  There are also on site out of hours drama lessons offered.

Kapa Haka

Our School Kapa Haka Group is called Whakat┼Ź (to plant a seed) and is open to all students.

Choir and Rock Band

Tauranga Intermediate School Choir and Rock Band rehearse weekly and work towards performing at the Choir Festival, in the Production, Arts Week and other school events. The Choir is open to all students and students can audition for the band.




At TIS we believe that global connectedness enriches lives, introduces different perspectives, creates rich experiences and lifelong friendships. When students become part of our Tauranga Intermediate whanau, they become part of an International community.

Through a variety of programmes participants will meet, become friends with, and work alongside students and others from our wider New Zealand community as well as from many parts of the world.

International Trips

Every second year students at Tauranga Intermediate have the incredible opportunity to apply for a place to be able to experience an overseas trip. These trips include sightseeing, being hosted by international families, cultural, sporting and other formal events.


Previous countries visited:

  • Egypt - Jordan - Dubai
  • South Africa
  • Germany (visiting a sister School) - Austria - Portugal
  • Turkey - The Netherlands - Oman
  • New Caledonia
  • China


Hosting Students

TIS promotes and encourages students to participate in the hosting of international students. This enhances our students’ perspectives of global diversity.

Students get varied opportunities to meet students from our sister schools. They will also have the opportunity to host students from Tauranga Sister City Hitachi and the Labo Group, both from Japan. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for both you and your family to build relationships and to further develop your understanding of other cultures.

The school is continuously expanding links with schools in other countries, promoting exchanges of information and building international understanding.

Our school requires families who are willing to host international students - either long or short term.
It is appreciated when a family opens their home to a student so far from their own home. These experiences are positive for both the family and our international students.

Families can register their interest in hosting an overseas student at the administration office.

There are also opportunities to host students from New Zealand during exchanges through our sports programme.


International Teacher Exchange

Tauranga Intermediate has hosted a number of German teachers on professional exchange programmes.

We also have sister schools in Thailand: Plookpanya School, Khorat. Taiwan: Yang Min Junior High School, Kaohsiung. China: Yantai MIddle School, Yantai.

Teachers from Tauranga Intermediate have had professional exchanges to our sister schools.

We enjoy hosting short term international students and their teachers from Labo, Japan and Vietnam each year.